Tinley's™ 27 - Elixirs

2727 BC marks the world's first recorded use of medical cannabis. Today you can enjoy Tinley's '27™ elixirs straight up, on ice, in your favorite mocktail, or as an accent in coffee, tea, juice, sodas, smoothies and desserts. Inspired by legendary adult beverages, these non-alcoholic elixirs are made from classic ingredients and extracts, and provide an uplifting, social effect. Mix n Match 3 for $40
Mix and Match 3 for $40
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Tinley’s™ non-alcoholic, craft tonics and elixirs are infused with blended botanicals and premium California cannabis. Combined with a Pineapple Jack terpene blend, our micro-dosed beverages deliver a broad-spectrum experience that raises your spirits without the alcohol hangover.

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